EX 1

Chess Style design with Leatherite material center picture gives your photo book a class apart.

EX 2

Right side Triangle Style design with complete Leatherite material.

EX 3

Dual Tone Finish design with High End PVC Coated with centre picture frame in dual tone.

EX 4

High End PVC Coated with Golden finish with centre frame.

EX 5

Beautiful frame at the edge of the photo book with centre full picture.

EX 6

Top & Bottom Leatherite material with center picture strip gives your photo book a theme style.

EX 7

High End PVC Coated Material on Upper and Bottom, curved shape window with picture.

EX 8

Full Leatherite material center Oval shape with picture or text.

EX 9

Top & Bottom Bands High End PVC Coated material Full centre picture or text.

EX 10

High End PVC coated material with Top Centre aligned picture.

EX 11

Outer frame in High End PVC Coated with step down frame then picture frame in the centre.

EX 12

Half sided High End PVC Caoted Material and Half sided picture or text.

Ex 13

Leatherite coated material throught with Laser cut motive and picture frame.

layflat PUR
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