LX 1

Chess Style on outer cover with centre photo frame or text.

LX 2

Triangle Style on Right Hand side for cover photo gives gives elegant looks.

LX 3

Rectangle Style on centre for cover photo with twin tone frame gives luxury class apart.

LX 4

Rectangle Style on centre for cover photo with twin step frame gives raised effect.

LX 5

Rectangle Frame with centre full size cover photo gives photo book extraordinary.

LX 6

Rectangle Bands on Top & Bottom with Picture Strip on centre cover.

LX 7

Twin Tone Rectangle outer cover with centre curved picture or text box.

LX 8

Beautiful Oval shape in the centre of the cover with picture.

LX 9

Top & Bottom Bands with full picture in the centre of the cover.

LX 10

Simply Top Centre Aligned picture with PVC Coated Material cover.

LX 11

Beautiful outer frame and step down frame in the centre with picture in the centre.

LX 12

Half side left PVC Coated material & half side picture right aligned.


Beautiful Laser cut motives throughout the cover with picture.

layflat PUR
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